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HARA Board of Governors Seeking Nominees For Five Seat

The Hawai‘i Academy of Recording Arts is seeking individuals who are interested inserving on the Board of Governors. The deadline for nominations for these five board seats is September 30, 2011, and applications must be received by the HARA office (not postmarked) before 4pm that day. Individuals elected will serve a three-year term that ends in Fall 2014. Please note that the HARA Board of Governors is a working board comprised of volunteers – it is not an advisory board and board members are not paid. Selection to the Board of Governors requires your regular attendance at the monthly Board meetings, and board members must be willing to meet the following expectations:

  • take a leadership position by serving as chair or co-chair of one (1) or more committees.
  • Serve on at least three (3) committees.
  • Solicit contributions in fundraising campaigns to support HARA, its programs and activities..
  • Participate in formulating long- and short– term objectives and goals.
  • Actively participate in the activities of HARA.
  • Ensure that all HARA actions, activities,and programs are fair to the members the Board serves, and that no group or individual member is given preference.

If you are interested and are willing toaccept the responsibilities and expectations that go along with a seat on the board, please submit your name and a short bio by calling the office by phone at (808) 593-9424 or by If you do nominate someone else for the board HARA will contact them to confirm that they are interested in serving and are willing to meet the expectations of the position.

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HARA Board of Governor Election and Email Blasts

HARA members should have received their ballots for the HARA Board of Governors election last week. If you did, please mail them by Friday, October 16, 2009. If you did not receive one please contact the HARA office by calling (808) 593-9424 or (808) 548-9424.

I also have some thoughts I’d like to share on the email blasts which have been sent out from the HARA office in support of certain candidates over the past week.

HARA does offer a service to all HARA members – the use of HARA’s member postal and email list to distribute information. This is a paid service, and the cost depends on which service you use, and in the case of postal mail, what kind of mail it is (postcard, letter, CD/DVD package, etc.) The most common use of this service is during the voting process for the Nā Hōkū Hanohano awards – artists and labels can use the service to send out postcards, letters, copies of CDs or “email blasts” to inform members about their entries and nominees.

I have no problem with HARA offering this service. In the case of both Nā Hōkū and Board of Governor voting, it can help to level the playing field – artists and those seeking a seat on the Board of Governors who are less known by the membership have the opportunity to let potential voters know about their releases or candidacy.

I have some reservations about a recent email blast that went out in support of a substantial list of candidates – 11 candidates were endorsed by a group only identified as “their friends and family”, even though only five seats are open for the election. I learned from our office staff that the endorser(s) requested anonymity, which I found even more troubling. I began to wonder if the endorsement was as much an endorsement of those candidates, or against those not listed as there were far more listed on the endoresment than were not.

I have discussed this situation with some of my colleagues on the Board of Governors, and we will be addressing it at our meeting this week. I’m still not sure how I really feel about this. Regardless, members should know that no email blast that comes from the HARA office is an endoresment by HARA or its Board of Governors, and this fact is stated clearly in each email blast that goes out.

If any HARA member has a strong feeling one way or another about this service in either context – for Nā Hōkū Hanohano voting or for the Board of Governor election, please feel free to share your thoughts with me.

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Speaking In Code

Maybe, no, probably not, doubtful, hell no, unsure, almost certainly, not sure, absolutely, uh – no, perhaps, pondering, strong possibility, big yes, don’t think so, not likely, huh, confused, not sure, never.

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Review: Lorna Lima’s “Polinahe”

polinaheLim150Lorna Lim is doubly-blessed – she possesses one of the most beautiful voices in Hawaiian music, and was raised in one of Hawai‘i best known and gifted music and hula families. Her latest release, Polinahe, reflects her strong roots in both the Hawaiian music and hula traditions.

Polinahe contains Lorna’s signature vocal stylings on many Hawaiian standards, such as Hula ‘O Makee, ‘Alekoki, I Aloha ‘Ia Nō ‘O Kanaio, and an exquisite rendition of Lena Machado’s “Aloha Nō.” It also includes some new compositions. While the CD jacket lacks lyrics and translations, the lyrics can be found on the Palm Records website, along with audio samples of each track. The background instrumentation is sparse and tasteful – just enough to support and not detract from Lorna’s vocals.

We can only hope that this new release is the first of many to come from this gifted songstress.

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2010 Grammy Entries

Here is a list of those CDs entered in the Hawaiian Album category for the 2010 Grammys. Good luck to all most of the entries.

  1. Aloha Pumehana, Darlene Ahuna
  2. Papaku Bring It Home, Faith Thompson Ako
  3. Aloha ‘Anianiau Leilani Rivera Bond
  4. Hawaiian Man, Brother Noland
  5. He Nani, Tia Carrere & Daniel Ho
  6. Somewhere, Danny Carvalho
  7. Friends & Family Of Hawai‘i, Amy Hānaiali‘i
  8. Ho‘ōla I Ka Poli, Kawaikapuokalani Hewett
  9. Nani Mau Loa, Ho‘okena
  10. Kani Wai – Sound Of Water, George Kahumoku, Jr. & Bob Brozman
  11. ‘Ī, Natalie Ai Kamau‘u
  12. Kaua‘i, Keli‘I Kaneali‘I
  13. Pili O Ke Ao, Kūpaoa
  14. Mailani, Mailani
  15. Venus, And The Sky Turns To Clay, Makana
  16. Solo ‘Ukulele Orchestrations, Gordon Mark
  17. From The Heart, Noly Pa‘a
  18. …With Aloha, Pali
  19. Nāpo’ona Mahina: The Illusion Of Reality, Aaron J. Salā
  20. Masters Of Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar, Volume 2, Various Artists

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Review: Cody Pueo Pata's “Moʻohana”

moohanaCody Pueo Pata has two full CDs to his credit, 2001′s “E Ho‘i Nā Wai” and “He Aloha…”, released in 2007. The latter CD garnered Pata the prestigious Haku Mele Award at the 2008 Nā Hōkū Hanohano Awards for his composition “Mili‘ōpua”.

Pata follows up with his third CD, “Mo‘ohana”, a mini-release containing only six songs. While lacking in quantity of recordings, “Mo‘ohana“ does not lack in quality of either song or performance. Pata shows off the versatility of his voice by performing in chant style, and while he eschews falsetto on most of this recording, he shows he is as equally gifted when singing in full voice. His carefully chosen uses of falsetto and the ha‘i enhance the songs meanings beautifully. Two strong original compositions, Ho‘i I Ka Piko and Mele Mahalo are well supported by refreshing interpretations of traditional melee.

In the brief liner notes, Pata defines the meaning of “mo‘ohana” as tradition – a succession or series of actions, deeds and behaviors – and declares that tradition as right, privilege and a responsibility. He has certainly carried out his responsibility well.

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HARA Board of Governors Retreat This Weekend

The HARA Board of Governors will be holding its annual retreat this weekend in Honolulu. I invite any HARA members to send me their concerns, questions or other mana‘o, and I will bring them up in front of the board. Connectivity allowing, I may even tweet during the meeting (follow me on Twitter here).

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Composer Kenneth Makuakane to speak on music and creativity

kennethguitar192x240Award-winning songwriter and composer Kenneth Makuakane will give a keynote address on music and creativity Monday, August 17, 2009, from 8 to 9 a.m. at Wo International Center’s Luke Lecture Hall on the Punahou School campus. The event is free and open to the public. Parking is available on campus. Read about it in the August 4th issue of the Honolulu Advertiser.

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Good Grief

I just noticed that it has been over two months since my last post here. My bad. I have been busy tweeting about Hawaiian music on my Twitter account for Nahenahe, but I’m long overdue for a more substantial post.

logo-meleI do want to remind everyone about the MELE Songwriter’s Workshop that will be held next weekend at Honolulu Community College. I’ll be there, and am dragging my old buddy Tarvin Mākia along for the ride. It should be a great event.

Don’t forget also the Kaua‘i Music Festival at the end of July. I’ll be there as well, and as an instructor. Kenneth Makaukāne and I will revive our “Collaborative Hawaiian Songwriting” session which we first did at the Kōke‘e Songwriting Camp back in May, as well as conducting individual workshops.

If you’re serious about composing new music, you should really consider attended one or both of these events.

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Facebook Hula

One day I saw a Facebook status update from my friend Kama Hopkins, noting that he was on the Pali Highway and it was raining. I thought to myself, “why the heck is he updating his Facebook status while he’s driving?”. I wrote a single verse (verse 5 below) to tease him about it and to remind him not to do such dangerous things (turns out he was stuck in traffic at the time and not speeding down the road). Within about 15 minutes I had 7 verses and posted it on Facebook. Read the rest of the story here.

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